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Caradoc Charcoal are producers of sustainably sourced 100% guaranteed British Charcoal.

We are an independent, family business, run by Kevin and Charlotte in the heart of the Shropshire countryside. Having spent 20 years in the firewood business, we made the move to producing our own charcoal in 2019. 

Our charcoal is produced using a blend of British grown hardwoods, which we dry on site. We take great pride in producing a quality charcoal that can transform your cooking experience. It is fast lighting and will burn hot, which increases efficiency and quality. We also sell whiskey oak barrel smoking chips, which can give flavour when used in a smoker.

All of our wood is sourced within the UK and all is felled under licence from the Forestry Commission. Before any business can get a license they need to produce plans to show the timber is sourced in a sustainable and responsible way – so you have that guarantee from us.

Outdoor cooking is becoming ever more popular in the restaurant world. Chefs are turning to cooking with fire to unlock new flavours, as well as moving away from fossil fuel cooking. Initially we thought this would be a seasonal product but we have fast leant that chefs are enjoying cooking outdoors all year round!

We have already been selected to supply some top chefs, farm shops and restaurants including Fallow in Mayfair, Hencote here in Shropshire and Adam Purnell - the Shropshire Lad - who uses our charcoal exclusively.

We welcome enquiries from barbeque lovers and restaurant buyers who would like to experience a great product that has been created in the Shropshire Hills.

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