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Made from Sustainably and Responsibly Sourced Caradoc Charcoal

The wood-derived biochar left over
from our charcoal production
process offers numerous environmental benefits, it has a variety of uses
including soil amendment, animal feed
and as a filtration technique for
wastewater purification.

We have worked closely with Energy and Bioproducts Research Institute (EBRI) based at Aston University to test our Biochar products, a report they produced concluded:

"Overall, EBRI’s full analysis of
Caradoc’s biochar sample led to the
conclusion that the Shropshire firm’s
biochar meets the criteria set by the
International Biochar Initiative (IBI),
Biochar Quality Mandate (BQM) and
European Biochar Certificate (EBC),
which makes it suitable for market

applications, such as soil amendment."

To read the full case study click on the link below.

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